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Because we understand that each client has different needs, Nova’s diverse selection of services is tailored to suit any company, project, and budget.  Whether your needs are large or small, simple or detailed, we can help.  Our services and costs are provided in such format that allows you, the client, to select the level of services that is most appropriate.  Typical schedule preparation starts with the Contractor’s draft schedule, which outlines activities and the intended means and methods of construction.  Nova integrates this information into Primavera P6®, performs a professional review of logic and continuity, identifies any weaknesses within the schedule, and develops it into a technical format that meets the project’s requirements.  Throughout this development process, Nova works with the Contractor to ensure that the output of the schedule is what was expected.  We stay true to the Contractor’s intended means and methods of constructing the project.
Following scheduling development, Nova will manage all subsequent baseline revisions and updates within Primavera®, which can be a time consuming and costly task for Contractors.  Updating can be as simple as applying the current status to your activities, or it can involve a more involved approach to the update.  
Nova takes on the responsibility of construction scheduling.  The end result is that your workforce is significantly less burdened and able to focus on the work at hand.  The project finishes as efficiently as possible, in the least amount of time, and your schedule has not only satisfied the Owner, but has become a tool to assist you in learning more about your project’s progress in real-time.
Understanding that a CPM schedule is most effectively utilized as a tool or a plan is the first step toward a successful project.  

Too often, a Contractor will provide an updated CPM schedule merely to satisfy an Owner's requirement, and therefore, the schedule is viewed by the Contractor only as a burden or obligation.  The benefit of the schedule is lost and precious time has spent by your field staff with no return on the investment.
CPM scheduling consultants
CPM scheduling consultants
CPM scheduling consultant
CPM scheduling consultant
Nova Consulting Services, LLC

By allowing Nova to manage your construction schedule, you will not only fulfill your contractual obligations by providing a professional CPM schedule, you will also learn of your project's progress and productivity through an independent eye Our analysis reporting will keep you apprised of changes affecting such items as critical path & near critical paths, total float, and work sequence, while simultaneously calculating your Earned Value & tracking other significant impacts & changes to the work.  Through Nova, you will be made aware of important factors within the project that may not otherwise be detected or reported to management through an internal update.  
Nova Consulting Services, LLC offers a wide range of CPM scheduling services to its clients.  From bid schedules to full and comprehensive construction schedules (including cost and resource-loaded schedules), progress updating, baseline revisions, earned value reporting, change & impact monitoring, cash flow projecting, and executive analysis, Nova is the Contractor’s solution to the often-overwhelming process of construction scheduling.
Enhanced updating can include analysis of your current vs. planned progress, earned value calculations, correction of out-of-sequence logic, and identifying potential problem areas, impacts, and change orders.   There are countless analytic and reporting techniques designed to heighten your awareness as to the status of your project.  Such analyses and the resulting narrative reports are often an Owner requirement, particularly while under contract with the US Government.

In all cases, Nova works in conjunction with your staff, promoting a unified transfer of information between teams.  You pass along the necessary information; we prepare and update the schedule, analyze your progress, and produce all of the required reports.  

The benefits of the Nova/client relationship are immeasurable – both parties stay informed as the work progresses, your staff is not burdened by the timely process of construction scheduling, your project’s schedule requirements are met, and our analysis has been provided, giving you an independent and unbiased account of your progress.  

All projects, regardless of size or budget, receive Nova’s highest level of personal dedication and attention.
For a Contractor, even basic CPM scheduling can become extremely onerous, especially on Government contracts.  Baseline revisions, custom reporting, in-depth analyses, earned value management, financial reporting…all of these things can take your key personnel away from other activities that are crucial to managing the project. 
Let our pro-active approach to construction scheduling lead you down the path to success. 
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  • Complete CPM Construction Schedules 
  • Developed Using Your Logic or from Plan and Spec
  • Primavera P6 Experts
  • Specializing in USACE Schedules and Other Government Schedules
  • Cost & Resource-Loaded CPM Schedules
  • Network Analysis Schedules (NAS)
  • Critical Path/Longest Path Schedules
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  • Schedule Updates
  • Logic Revisions
  • Baseline Revisions
  • Narrative Reporting
  • Earned Value Reporting
  • Cash Flow Predictions
  • Change/Delay/Impact Tracking 
  • Time Impact Analysis (TIA)
  • Fragnets
  • Tabular & Custom Reporting
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Out-Of-Sequence Work Analysis
  • S-Curves & Histograms


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